How to Decorate and Organize a Small Apartment

When living in a small apartment or home you will have to find creative ways to store your items, while keeping your home looking neat and tidy. You do not need to spend a small fortune on specific items used for storing your belongings. Creativity and a little imagination can make the difference between a room that does not offer much storage, compared to a room completely organized.




Utilize the extra floor space under tables in your home. You can stack boxes, books or any other items that fit under your tables. Purchase attractive, decorative fabric and hot-glue the fabric onto your tables to form a table skirt. Your guests will not realize those attractive tables have a dual purpose, of course, unless you tell them.


Purchase furniture containing drawers and doors intended for storage. Entertainment centers, bookshelves and any other large pieces of furniture should include drawers or shelving for you storage needs. Furniture containing doors will guarantee that your items are concealed, yet tidy. Shop around at your local thrift stores, and garage sales for deals on furniture.


Shelves make a marvelous storage solution for small rooms. Purchase and hang shelving throughout your small room. Hang shelving above windows, closet doors, inside closet doors or cover an entire wall with shelving. Place your items on the selves neatly and decoratively to ensure an organized look and feel to your room.


Under The Bed
Beds have an extreme amount of unused floor space under them. Utilize this space by storing items under your bed. If you wish, you may purchase bins or containers specifically made for this purpose. Shoes, sweaters and blankets fit flawlessly under the bed. For an added storage benefit, raise your bed higher off the ground, and add a long bed skirt. The bed skirt will hide all the items stored underneath your bed.


Maximize Closets
Closets have extra space that is rarely utilized. Move small pieces of furniture, for example, a filing cabinet, into your closet. Attach hooks to your closet walls, and the inside of your closet door to hang belts, ties and lingerie items. Stack items that you do not use on a daily basis, on the top shelves of your closet in storage bins. When considering a storage solution for your closet, consider all the unused space and how you can utilize that space.

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