How to Decorate a Kitchen Buffet

Decorating a kitchen buffet for a special gathering does not necessarily need purchasing anything special. It is likely that you already have what you need to generate a stylish-looking buffet. Dishes, silverware and glassware not only serve a utilitarian purpose, but also work well as decorative items for a kitchen buffet. Here’s to decorate a kitchen buffet.

Lay a tablecloth over the kitchen buffet. A fabric tablecloth, even that is simple and white, is an elegant foundation for a great-looking buffet.

Arrange food-serving trays on the buffet at different levels For example, place a flat serving tray next to a giant, rounded serving tray. Varying the heights gives the display visual interest.

Place to tiered serving dishes on the buffet. Place at each finish of the buffet and in the middle. This creates visual balance.

Arrange metal and glass dishes, silverware and glassware on the buffet. Plastic dishes or silverware do not work well on an elegant buffet table. Place the items in groups — for example, all plates in group and all silverware in another group.

Place a decorative punchbowl next to the glassware.

Use a giant glass or crystal bowl to generate a centerpiece. Fill the bowl with water and place lit candles on the water.

Sprinkle glitter or confetti all over the buffet to give it added sparkle.

Incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in to the buffet decoration. Fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs give the buffet a colorful, natural touch.

Arrange candle holders filled with lit candles on the buffet. Candlelight provides yet another elegant touch.

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