How to Decorate a Black and Red Boy’s Bedroom

Teenage boys often do not prefer their rooms decorated in a immature theme. If your teen boy wishes a brand spanking new look to his room, it’s time to redecorate it to fit his personal style. Black and red works well as a color scheme to decorate a bedroom due to the amount of creativity the colors can provide. When decorating a bedroom in black and red, incorporate a neutral color, such as tan or grey, to complement the room and prevent it from becoming dark. Here’s how to decorate a black and red boy’s bedroom.

Paint walls in the bedroom tan or grey. These colors work well with a black and red theme and generate a balance in the room. Use interior paint, a paintbrush, paint roller and painter’s tape.

Paint an accent wall on the unpainted wall in the bedroom using black and red interior paint. You may need to paint stripes on the wall or large block squares. Tape off the design with the painter’s tape and paint inside the tape.

Paint the window frames in the bedroom with black interior paint and a paintbrush. Tape the wall around the window frame after the paint on the wall has dried according to the manufacturer’s directions. Taping the wall prevents paint from accidentally splattering on the wall.

Paint the existing furniture in the bedroom with red and black paint. The exact paint type varies depending on the furniture – for example, metal or wood. Confirm what type of paint to make use of on the furniture at your paint store.

Install a red or black ceiling fan where the existing ceiling light fixture is on the ceiling. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for installing the ceiling fan.

Install red blinds on the windows following the manufacturer’s directions. Usually, measure the window with a tape measure and secure the blinds to the wall around the window with the hardware and screws provided and your drill.

Incorporate red lava lamps in the bedroom. Lava lamps work well to decorate a teen bedroom because they add a cold, young decorative element in to the room and double as a light if needed.

Dress the bed in the bedroom in all red bedding. Dressing the bed in all red bedding works well because black is incorporated in plenty of aspects of the room. Alternately, use a lighter color, such as your main wall color, with accent pillow covers in red.

Hang a red or black clock on the wall in the bedroom — that makes use of neon or lights up can keep with the theme but add some brightness to the room as well. Usually, select an area on the wall for the clock and drill a screw in to the wall. Slide the clock onto the screw head.

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