How to Cut Landscape Blocks

Perhaps you want to incorporate landscape blocks into your landscape design but need to cut them to a specific size, don’t fret as landscape blocks can cut to any size needed. Maybe you’re paving a walkway with your landscape blocks or you’re edging a garden. No matter what you use them for, you can customize them to the specific need. When cutting landscape blocks, verify the block is placed on a sturdy surface before you cut it. This prevents possible injury to yourself or damage to the block.






Stone chisel

Pointing chisel

Pitching chisel

Mason’s hammer

Landscape blocks



Place your landscape block on a sandbag to ensure you do not crack the entire landscape block in half. Mark the location of where you want to cut the landscape block with your chalk. Try to mark the landscape block where it naturally contains visible lines.


Score along the chalk line with your masonry chisel and maul.. Strike the chisel softly with your maul to score the line. Scoring your landscape brick is outlining the cut pattern for the block by removing limited amount of the block. Scoring provides a more precise cut pattern without chipping parts of the landscape block.


Strike the block along the scored line with your pitching chisel and maul. If your landscape block is hard to strike and cut, you may need to hit the handle of the chisel with your haul hard. Striking the landscape block cuts the block and creates the pattern you desire.


Remove rough edges to the landscape block along the cut edges of the landscape block with a pointing chisel and mason’s hammer. Gently strike the pointing chisel’s handle with your mason’s hammer. You may wish to remove the rough edges from all sides of the landscape block. This step allows you to customize the look and feel of each landscape block.


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