How To Create a Garage Appearance in a Boy’s Bedroom

If your boy enjoys spending time in the garage together with his brother, decorate his bedroom in a garage theme. Decorating your boy’s bedroom in a garage theme lets him enjoy spending time in his personal garage. Think about items usually present in a garage when planning how to decorate his bedroom–for example, tools, toolboxes, and cars. These things work well as decorations in a boy’s bedroom. You do not need any special tools or skills to decorate your boy’s bedroom in a garage theme.

Paint the walls in the bedroom white with interior paint, using a paintbrush and a paint roller. White walls resemble drywall often present in numerous garages. Often, garage walls lack color, therefore, plain white walls work well when decorating a boy’s bedroom to look like a garage.


Install a pegboard on the bedroom walls. Usually, a pegboard secures to the walls by screws and a screwdriver. Attach pegboard hooks and baskets to store items.


Grey or stainless steel blinds resemble a metal garage door and will decorate the windows in the bedroom to recommend the look of a garage.


Incorporate an automobile bed into the garage-themed bedroom. Automobile bed frames come in an immense variety of styles, colors, and materials–for example, a small plastic childbed or wooden automobile-themed bed.


Replace traditional dressers with large toolboxes. Toolboxes often hold tools in a garage and can hold clothes or other items in a garage-themed bedroom.


Create a workbench using a sawhorse and wood. A workbench designates a specific area for your boy to color, do homework or read.


I hope you enjoyed my ideas for creating a garage appearance in your boy’s bedroom.


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