How to Choose the Right Carpet Color for Your Room

Carpet typically becomes the largest decorative color in a room, and compliments the color of the walls. When choosing your carpet color, take into consideration the other colors throughout the room. Decide if you want one-colored of carpet or multi-colored carpet. Choose carpet colors to accentuate the beautifulness of your room.

carpet color


Perhaps your room contains accessories or decorative items completely from a different color scheme than your walls and carpet. To highlight the decorative items within your room, consider matching the color of your carpet to the color of your walls. This ensures your decorative items “stand out” in your room—for example, your room may contain tan walls and tan carpet, but you decorate your room with bright red items. In this color scheme, the eye is drawn to the bright red decorative accessories.


Shade Darker

Possibly, you like the rooms in your home to have a neutral color scheme but afraid of stains on your carpet. If your walls contain a light color of paint, consider  carpet a shade or two darker than your wall color—for example, your walls contain a light tan color and your carpet is a light brown color. Rooms containing a color scheme in the same color but different shades of the color, create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.


Light Colors

In a room with dark painted walls, consider lighter carpet. Dark colors tend to make a room feel and appear smaller; therefore installing a lighter shade of carpet would balance the room’s appearance and feel. For example, if your room contains dark maroon walls, consider a lighter shade of beige or tan for your carpet. Examples of light colored carpet include white, tans, pale blues, pale violet, pinks and pale yellow.


Dark Colors

Rooms containing light colored, painted walls provide an opportunity to install darker carpet. Perhaps your room contains white or beige walls; this will allow you limitless color options for your carpet. Darker shades of carpet hide stains well, and do not appear dirty as quickly as lighter shades of carpet. Examples of dark colored carpet include dark purple, dark red or maroon, dark browns, dark blue and black.

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