How to Become and Use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

How to Become and Use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. It has come to my attention that there are questions regarding how to become an affiliate of mine, and what to do once you are an affiliate. I would like to explain how this works for those of you who have questions…



If you want to become an affiliate, you will need click on the link I have provided. ONLY THAT LINK. If you currently have a Payhip account, then you will need to create a different one. Payhip works this way….





So, if you are currently on Payhip or an affiliate of someone who is on Payhip, then in order to become my affiliate, you must click on MY AFFILIATAE LINK and create a NEW ACCOUNT.



I recommend you writing down the account information. Planner and notebooks save my sanity. LOL



Once you have completed that… then I will get an email asking me to approve you. I typically approve within 24-hours if not asap!



Once you are approved, you may need to log out of Payhip and back in.



At this time, you will see my books on your dashboard.


WHATEVER product you wish to promote, you simply click on the “VIEW” tab.


A new window will appear. Copy and paste that address as that is YOUR PERSONAL ASSIGNED AFFILIATE LINK. This is how I keep track, Payhip, etc of who does what.


Use that link anywhere you wish, with whatever write-up, and image you wish as well.


I pay 50%!






MANY have had amazing luck in the Facebook work-at-home groups. If you are NOT in any I highly recommend joining them. I am currently in OVER 10 THOUSAND between my profiles. ?



Relate to why it has worked for you, and why it can work for others. Relate how this is LEGIT. RELATE!



SO MANY scams are out there. Let’s put them to a stop! ?



Sign up your affiliates with this link:

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