Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas

A front porch offers ample space to place Halloween decorations. In lieu of allowing your front porch to sit bare and undecorated in the coursework of Halloween, select a theme and decorate it. Selecting a theme for your front porch creates a unified, balanced appearance. You do not require any special skills to decorate a front porch for Halloween. Here are a few Halloween front porch decorating ideas.

Spiders and Cobwebs

Decorate your front porch with spiders and cobwebs. You can purchase artificial cobwebs at a department store, craft store or hobby store in the coursework of Halloween. Secure the cobweb material to your front porch with either staples or tape. Attach plastic spiders randomly on the cobweb material to make them look as in the event that they are crawling all over it. Hang Halloween spider-themed lights to the porch as this illuminates your decorations at night. You may require to add a immense plastic spider to the floor on your front porch for an added decorative item.


Generate a ghostly front porch for Halloween by decorating your porch with a variety of different ghosts. You may require to generate ghosts form elderly white sheets and massive Styrofoam balls as the head. Tie the sheet under the Styrofoam ball to generate a face on the ghost. Hang the ghosts all around your front porch with string and hooks or staples. In the event you buy decorative ghosts to decorate your porch with, hang them in the same manner as you would for homemade ghosts. For an added decorative item, incorporate a strobe light. The strobe light in the coursework of the evening creates an illusion of flying ghosts.

Grave Yard

Decorate your front porch to resemble a haunted cemetery complete with fog. Purchase decorative tombstones, a fog machine, Halloween lights and skeletons at a party store, hobby store or department store. Place the fog machine out of the view of people — for example, in a back corner — and set the tombstones randomly around the front porch. Hang the skeletons from hooks and string randomly on the front porch. Attach the Halloween lights to the porch. In the coursework of the evening a fog machine will generate a haunted cemetery appearance.

Masked Pumpkins

Line your front porch with masked pumpkins to decorate it for Halloween. Generate a variety of different style masks from black construction paper, ensuring to cut out the eyes. Attach the masks to pumpkins with small sewing pins that insert in to the pumpkin and provide a ball to hold onto while removing them. Light a candle in each pumpkin in the coursework of the evening.

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