First Day of School – How to Decorate Your School Bag

If you don’t want to start your first day of school with a boring school bag bought from a store, think about decorating it along with your personal style in mind. Decorating your school bag lets you make a distinctive statement. You do not need any special skills or tools to decorate your school bag. Permit an afternoon for the project.

Discover a graphic for your school bag–for example a favorite cartoon character, flower or sport. Think about using the Web to find your graphic and printing it. Also look in a comic or coloring book.

Trace the graphic onto the bag with a pencil. You may need to look at the graphic or try to trace it while holding it on the bag. Using a pencil to trace the graphic lets you correct mistakes.

Outline the graphic you traced with a permanent marker. This creates a permanent outline of the graphic and helps you to follow the outline when painting the graphic.

Paint the graphic with different colors of fabric paints. Paint color at a time and permit it to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions before moving onto another color. This prevents the paint colors from bleeding in to another. Think about using glitter paint for a girl’s bag.

Attach a variety of small accessories on your school bag. Think about small sun shades, flowers or shapes for girls bags and small sport balls, skateboards and skulls for boys’ bags. You may purchase accessories at a hobby store. Secure the accessories on the school bag with fabric glue and permit drying time according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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