Entryway Closet Design Ideas

Entryway closets hold a variety of items. Perhaps, your closet does not have specific areas for the different items you store in it or you lack adequate lighting in your closet. When deciding on ways to enhance the function of your entryway closet, consider what you store in the closet. Here are some entryway closet design ideas.


Chalkboard Paint

Paint the inside of your entryway closet doors with chalkboard paint. Typically, people keep their coats, shoes and hats in their entry closet. Painting the inside of the closet doors provides you with a place to write, “Do not forget” notes. This will alleviate the problem that many face when they leave home and realize they forgot something important. You can purchase chalkboard paint in a variety of colors to match your home’s décor. Install a shelf or basket to hold the chalk and an eraser. Here are some Martha Stewart: Chalkboard Paint Ideas.


Glass Doors

Replace the entryway closet doors with glass doors. Glass doors provide an illusion of a bigger entryway, and add a decorative touch to your home. You can purchase glass doors you can see through or not. Frosted glass closet doors are a popular option. When purchasing your entryway closet doors, consider the trim work on the door. Perhaps, you prefer stainless steel or you may like the look of gold. Take into consideration which side the closet opens before purchasing a replacement door. If the door opens to the left, you must purchase a replacement door that opens to the left. This will prevent you from having to replace the entire door jam.



Install lighting in your entryway closet. Many times, closets do not contain lighting. This makes it difficult to see a specific item in the closet. Decide if you have room to install a light in your closet in the ceiling, or if you need to install a florescent light that you can attach to the wall inside the closet. Do not install your light too close to any cloth garments or glass, as this will create a fire hazard.



Purchase different types of shelving for your entryway closet. Shelving provides a way to organize your closet. Perhaps, your shoes lay on the flooring unorganized. Install shelving units specifically made for shoe organization. Line the sidewalls and corners in the closet with smaller shelves. This provides a place to keep the items in your closet—for example, a purse.

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