eBook: How to Blog and Make Money In One Month (PRE-ORDER SPECIAL!)

I believe that ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to work-at-home should have a blog! Over two decades ago, I started working from home. I cannot count how many blogs I have written for, ran, designed, optimized, managed, etc. for private clients. I have created blogs for LARGE companies and small companies. One day I decided that I wanted to create my own blog, and put to use the skills I learned working for a variety of private clients. Before I knew it, my blog took off!


how to blog

($9.99 for a limited time)

Blogging opens doors for so many avenues! If you are a blogger you INSTANTLY qualify for thousands of work-at-home jobs. Private clients will start to seek you out!


Did you know that your blog can pay all of your bills alone? I know bloggers who are making over ONE-HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH BLOGGING! I am NOT kidding! Of course, that isn’t the norm. But, it can be done! However, if you are like most you will make be able to make money the first month you start blogging if you follow my instructions.


Did you know that you can get FREE products to use, and KEEP just because you have a blog? Companies will send you free products to use, and keep just because you have a blog. You can get free or reduced hotel rooms, car rentals, dinners, the list literally goes-on-and-on!


Owning a blog gives you INSTANT credibility as well for private clients. Well, let me rephrase that…. OWNING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG!

FOR A LIMITED TIME I am offering a pre-order special for my “HOW TO BLOG AND MAKE MONEY IN ONE MONTH” eBook for $9.99. When the book is released live, I will be selling it for a MUCH higher price here, on Amazon, and other places.





Chapter 1
* Yes! YOU can be a blogger
* How to find your voice
* Finding YOUR why for blogging
* What type of blogger are you

Chapter 2
* How to create images that attract readers
* How to brand yourself
* How to use SEO
* How to take your blog to the next level

Chapter 3
* HELP! No one is reading my blog
* What is your privacy level
* How to get your blog seen
* How to become a social media rock star

Chapter 4
* Why you MUST get your family’s support
* How to find balance between blogging, and life
* Why you need to build blogging community
* How to find time to successfully blog

Chapter 5
* Things to think about before you go viral
* How to make a media kit
* Money, money, money
* Why affiliate sales are important

Chapter 6
* How to sell ad space
* How to get sponsored posts
* Why eBooks are important for a blogger
* It’s YOUR products (for sale!)

Chapter 7
* Making your online time count
* How to avoid burnout
* Be confident, and keep learning



($9.99 for a limited time)


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