Duct Tape My Heart is Open! Browse My Store Today for One-of-a-Kind, Handmade Items!

Welcome to Duct Tape My Heart, an online store by Stephanie Nolan! For YEARS, I wanted to open an online store but never did! That is UNTIL NOW! DuctTape My Heart is an online store that sells items I have personally created and touched.


I have always been the “crafty” kind and kept busy creating. Throughout my life, people have asked me to sell them something I handmade, to provide a “reading,” etc.,  and today I am offering my creations and readings to EVERYONE!


At Duct Tape My Heart you will find items such as jewelry, wall art, home décor, medium reading, and even tarot readings.


        ALL ITEMS ARE: 


– Crafted, Blessed and Cleansed by
the Hands of a Natural Healer.

– All items come cleansed for the
highest good they can provide YOU!

– All items are One-of-a-Kind (OOAK)
items for rare special gifts!

– Healing Jewelry!

– Tarot Card Readings (pick your

– Psychic Medium Readings!

– Arts & Crafts for Sale!

– Crystals, Gems, and More …

– More Coming Soon…

**A portion of all sales goes towards helping a single mothers get the baby
supplies they desperately need.**


Click on the image above to browse today! 



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