Dressing Room Vanity Decorating Ideas

Personalize a dressing room vanity by decorating it. A vanity offers ladies a place to apply makeup or get prepared for the day. Vanities add glamour to a dressing room. A dressing room vanity is a table or table with a drawer, a chair and a mirror. The mirror varies depending on the vanity including a flip-top mirror or an attached mirror. Here are some decorating ideas for your dressing room vanity.

Decorate Around Mirror

Surround the vanity mirror with items you currently own. Drape scarfs, ribbon or jewelry around it. Draping items you own adds a personal touch to the dressing room vanity, and gives you simple access to accessories.

Fresh Flowers

Place a bouquet of fresh flowers in a colorful vase on the vanity. Fresh flowers provide natural decor and fragrance to the dressing room area. If, you do not have a flower garden, purchase flowers every week from a florist. Use a favorite vase to display your bouquet of flowers.


Decorate the vanity with candles. Select candles of varying height and color to add to the appeal of the decoration. Place the candles on a tray for an added decorative touch.

Jewelry Box

Place large jewelry box on the vanity or a variety of tiny jewelry boxes. Select a variety of boxes to generate a focus for the vanity such as wooden jewelry boxes, metal boxes, antique, Oriental and contemporary.

Cloth Skirt

Attach a cloth skirt to the vanity as a decorative item. A cloth skirt decorates the vanity and conceals the items under it, which effectively adds storage space. Attach a cloth skirt for a more feminine appearance to the vanity. A cloth skirt changes the appearance of the whole vanity.

Antique Mirror Set

Place an antique silver brush and mirror set on the dressing room vanity. An antique silver brush and mirror set decorates the vanity and incorporates a piece of history to the dressing room. Check flea markets, antiques shops or consignment stores for these sets.


In lieu of painting the vanity, paint the wall behind it. Use a color that contrasts the color on the other walls. Painting the wall behind the vanity makes, the vanity, a focus. If the walls in the dressing room are cream-colored, for example, paint the vanity wall red.


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