Decorating with Lace

Decorating a home with lace creates an elegant, romantic atmosphere as long as the lace does not become overwhelming. Lace works well in a variety of decorating themes, including Victorian. Permit a weekend to complete decorating with lace throughout your whole home.

Install blinds on each window in the house according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Hang lace curtains over the blinds on each window in the house. Lace comes in a large variety of colors and patterns. Select a different pattern or color for each room for a unique appearance.

Replace a plain shower curtain with a lace. Incorporating a lace shower curtain adds an elegant touch to the bathroom.

Dress each table in the house with lace tablecloths. Select a lace pattern similar to that used in the curtains in the room.

Decorate a bed in the house with a lace bed skirt. A lace bed skirt works well to incorporate larger pieces of lace in the room without being overwhelming. Add lace-edged pillowcases to the bed.

Place lace toss pillows or pillows decorated with lace on furniture throughout the home.

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