Decorating a Home with Wooden Ceilings

Wooden ceilings in homes give the home an elegant, country appearance. In lieu of decorating your home with dark accent colors & items, think about incorporating a variation of light & dark items. Light-colored items emphasize your home’s wooden ceilings as they contrast it. Dark-colored items balance the look to the room. You do not require any special skills to decorate your home with wooden ceilings to generate the appearance of your dreams.

Paint each room in your home with interior paint, a paintbrush as well as a paint roller. Select a light shade of paint such as a light beige or cream for the walls. This prevents the home from becoming dark & dreary due to the wooden ceilings & in lieu creates an open, fresh appearance.

Hang curtains on the windows for your home’s window treatments. Select curtains a shade or darker than the wall color. Curtains in the same color but a different shade generate an elegant appearance to the room–for example, in case you painted your walls light beige, hang dark beige curtains on the windows.

Replace large dark furniture with light-colored furniture in the house to decorate each room. Examples of furniture to replace include dressers, headboards & the dining room table. Whitewashed furniture works well to decorate a home with wooden ceilings. Furniture in a light color helps emphasize the natural beauty of the wooden ceiling.

Install a chandelier in the house according the manufacturer’s directions. Often, twist the color-coded wires together & secure the chandelier to the ceiling with the screws provided & your drill. Place a chandelier in the dining room to generate a romantic atmosphere while eating.

Place lamps around the home to decorate rooms. Lamps work well when decorating a home with wooden ceilings as the light they radiate creates a relaxed atmosphere.

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