Deck Gardening Ideas

A person’s deck provides an opportunity for gardening. When deciding on what to garden on your deck, take into consideration the amount of space available and the typical deck usage. Select a variety of containers for your deck garden to provide you with the most gardening space. Here are some deck gardening ideas.


Flower Box

Reinvent the flower box to the garden box. Secure the flower box to the deck railing. Decide if you wish to cover the entire deck railing in flower boxes or strategically place your flower boxes around the deck railing. Grow herbs, flowers and vegetable in your deck flower boxes. Decorate them according to your own personal preference—for example, each flower box painted a different color.


Hanging Plants

Instead of sitting plants on your deck, hang them. Plant your flowers, vegetable and herbs in hanging containers, and hang them around the deck. If you typically have flowers hanging from your deck, hang your garden instead. Incorporate an arrangement of colors and sizes into your hanging deck garden.


Living Wreaths

Hang living wreaths from your deck. Purchase a ready-made peat moss wreath, and assorted herbs and flowers—for example, chives, basil, oregano and sage. Insert the herbs and flowers into the peat moss wreath, and secure with topiary pins. Select the proper hanging hardware to support the weight of the wreath. This depends on the weight of the wreath—for example, do not hang a heavy wreath with a finishing nail, instead use a hanging bracket.


Grow Bags

Growing your garden in grow bags allows for the even the smallest of decks, to hold a large garden. Grow bags do not take up an enormous amount of room. Purchase grow bags from your local nursery and insert your plants into the plant plugs located on the grow bags. Hang them on your deck. Allow adequate growing room for each grow bag; this depends on the herbs, flowers or vegetable planted in the grow bag.


Container Deck Gardening

Arrange different containers on your deck for gardening. Perhaps, you have an arrangement of different containers you may use for this purpose, or you may have to purchase containers. Containers can sit anywhere on your deck, and provide an adequate home to your garden. Container gardening also allows you to move the garden from one area to another. Select different herbs, flowers and vegetables for your containers—for example, possibly, the east-side of your deck holds herbs and the west-side holds tomatoes.

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