Creative Garage Storage Ideas

Storing items in your garage does not have to cost a small fortune. Think of ways that you can recycle items you use on a daily basis, as a creative garage storage solution. Many items that you would typically dispose of in your recycle bin could hold the answer to your storage dilemma.


Cover an entire wall in your garage with pegboard. Purchase different sized hooks and pegboard baskets to use for hanging items on the pegboard. Pegboard and corresponding hooks are inexpensive and will provide a cheap storage solution. A pegboard will allow you to hang and organize items such as hand tools, garden tools and small straight items; for example, a broom handle. To store small items with handles, insert two hooks into the pegboard wide enough to hold your item and lay the item across the hooks.


Recycle your glass and plastic jars. There is no need to purchase specialty jars for a cheap way to store items in your garage. When you purchase food items in a jar; for example, pickles, mayonnaise, jelly or baby food, save the jars and lids. Wash the jar thoroughly and dry. Store your jars on shelving or in a designated area in your garage. Fill your jars with loose screws, nails and other smaller items. Label the jars for easy identification of items.



Perhaps you have recently built a deck or have scrap pieces of wood lying around. Create shelving units for your garage out of the scrap pieces of wood. You may either use a smaller piece of wood as your shelf bracket or purchase inexpensive shelving bracket from your local hardware store. If your scrap wood is longer than you wish for a shelf, cut it down to size. If you are unable to cut the wood yourself, bring your wood to your local lumberyard and they will cut the pieces for you to your requested dimensions.



When you look for an area in your garage to organize, your larger items think about the ceiling. Purchase large hooks from your local hardware store and securely insert the hooks into your garage ceiling. Items commonly stored on large hooks in a garage include, bicycles, rakes and ladders. Storing these large items on your garage ceiling will ensure that you have ample floor space in your garage for other storage solutions.


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