Create the Perfect Bedroom for Your Child

Children often spend hours in their bedrooms. Creating a bedroom that will work for the child instead of against the child will prevent him or her from becoming disorganized and cranky. When creating your child’s bedroom, incorporate different items and ideas into the bedroom. Here’s how to create the perfect bedroom for your child.



Children love expressing their personalities in their bedrooms. Let your child express her personality by decorating her bedroom in the theme of her choice– for example, a princess theme, punk rock theme or polka dots. When decorating your child’s room in a theme remember to include the paint color for walls, bedding and accessories.



Clutter often takes over children’s bedrooms. Having the proper storage in your child’s bedroom will ensure that he has a place to put his items. This will prevent your son or daughter from spending hours cleaning a room, when him or her could simply spend a few minutes picking up the bedroom. Children often store their toys, electronics, art projects and other items in their bedrooms. Create a storage solution for each item in your son’s or daughter’s bedroom.


Chalkboard wall

For smaller children or even school-aged children designate an area or an entire wall in your child’s bedroom for chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint comes in a variety of colors to match just about any theme your child’s bedroom has. Younger children will spend countless hours drawing and doodling in their bedroom on their chalkboard wall. Older children can utilize the wall by writing their mathematical problems on their wall before writing them in their schoolwork.


Work zone

Create a work or school zone in your child’s bedroom. Children should have a quiet place to do their schoolwork or any art project they desire. A small deck and chair with a lamp in the corner of the bedroom will work perfectly to create this space. If you do not want to use expensive furniture, shop your thrift stores and garage sales for an inexpensive desk to use in your child’s bedroom. Incorporate a bookshelf in your child’s bedroom, as this will provide a designated area for he or she to keep schoolbooks and chapter books him or her enjoys reading.

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