Country Style Front Door Ideas

Plain, undecorated front doors do not invite guests into your home. Instead, create an alluring feeling when guests appear by decorating your front door in a country theme. Country style front door decorating includes daring colors, such as red & blue, mixed with rustic, old-looking furniture. The smell of a warm apple pie baking in the oven, seeping through the door-frame, instantaneously radiates country living. Changing the color of the door and adding a few decorative items can turn a boring, uninteresting door in to an inviting door.

The first step to create a country door is to paint the outside of the front door with exterior paint. Choose paint for the precise type of door — for example, wood or metal. Choose a vivid color of paint such as red or blue. Permit the paint to dry before moving on.

After the paint has dried it’s time to secure house numbers on the front door. Buy large, bold house numbers and fasten them to the door. Position the house numbers centered on the door, as this enables for decorating above & below them.

Now that the door is painted, and numbers are attached, it’s time to attach a wrought-iron doorknocker to the country door. Place the doorknocker above the house numbers, and secure it to the door. Wrought iron works fine when decorating a country door because it radiates an antique fashion and can endure the elements of weather.

It’s no easy task walking up to a dark door. To prevent possible injury you need to install an outdoor light fixture next to the country door. An outdoor light lights up the country door in the evening and decorates it.

Now that we have painted the door, secured house numbers to it, and installed an outside light, it’s time to decorate it. Hang a wreath on the country door as a decorative item. Choose a wreath made in natural materials such as hay & berries for that down-home feel.

To finish decorating your country-themed door, position decorative planters filled with plants, herbs and flowers next to it. Select planters in various heights & colors for an added flair.

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