6 Country Style Backsplash Ideas

When deciding on what country style backsplash to apply to your kitchen or bathroom, stop and look around your room. Take a mental note of the colors incorporated within the room, and the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom. A country backsplash adds artistic detail to any room it is installed in. Here are some country style backsplash ideas.



Form a country backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom with blue or red and white checkered tiles. Purchase smaller tiles for this project. When applying the tiles to your wall, assemble them for from a checkerboard pattern. This style radiates country because of the fabric found in picnic baskets, the lids of jam jars.


White Brick

Create a backsplash in your home resembling a white brick wall. You can purchase tiles to look like white brick. Purchasing the proper backsplash tiles will ensure that your backsplash remains flush to your wall. The color white is extremely versatile, which will provide you with unlimited accent color options. A white brick backsplash will leave your kitchen or bathroom with an open, airy, clean feeling.



For a quick backsplash project screaming country, stencil on your backsplash. Purchase a country themed stencil from your local hobby store, and country colored paints—red, white, blue and green. If you wish, you may continue your stencil around your entire kitchen or bathroom. Stencil your backsplash one pattern, and stencil another pattern around the room in a complimenting pattern.



Incorporate browns, grays, tans and whites into your kitchen or bathroom by making a rustic country backsplash with neutral colored mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors. The smaller mosaic tiles work best when creating a project in a tight area, such as a backsplash. This will ensure you will not need to cut any tiles in order to complete your backsplash project.


Brick Tile

Bring the outdoor buildings, indoors by creating a country backsplash with rustic brown brick tiles. This is a popular look because it makes your room feel as if it were built using a wall from another building. Decide if you want the brick backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom to project from your current wall or to remain flush with the current wall.



Backsplash murals provide you with the possibility of composing any country scene you wish. Backsplash murals come in a variety of country themes, for example, vineyard and grapes, sunflowers, fields and baskets of fruit. When deciding on the perfect backsplash mural for your kitchen or bathroom, consider the color scheme already in your room.


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