Cottage Bunkhouse Decorating Ideas

Decorating a cottage bunkhouse is different than decorating a traditional home. Deciding how to decorate a cottage bunkhouse ought to not leave you with a headache. When thinking about how to decorate your cottage bunkhouse, think about using a traditional cottage theme. Usually, cottages do not have modern furniture or decor but instead they provide a homey, comfortable place to escape from everyday stress. Antique items such as lamps, candle holders and furniture may even be incorporated. Here are some cottage bunkhouse decorating ideas.

The first thing you want to do when decorating a cottage bunkhouse is to paint each room in the cottage bunkhouse with interior paint. Permit the paint to dry before continuing onto the next step. Applying a fresh coat of paint immediately decorates the walls in the bunkhouse. Light shades of paint generate an open, airy feeling to the room. Traditional cottage colors include colors present in nature such as reds, blues, yellows, oranges and greens.

After the paint has dried, then next step is to hang wallpaper border in the rooms of your cottage bunkhouse. Applying wallpaper border gives the bunkhouse a homey, cottage feel. Nature scenes, or floral work well when decorating a cottage bunkhouse.

Remove all current window treatment and replace all window treatments in the bunkhouse with blinds and sheer curtains. Install the blinds, and hang the sheer curtains over the blinds. Blinds prevent people from looking in the windows when you need privacy. Sheer curtains work well for a cottage because they permit the sunlight to radiate throughout the room.

Now that the walls and windows are decorated let’s move on to decorating the floor. Place a variety of area rugs throughout the cottage bunkhouse. Area rugs decorate the appearance of the floor, and emphasize the cottage decor of the bunkhouse.

It’s important to remember to blend fabrics throughout the cottage bunkhouse — for example, stripes and floral. Change the appearance of your furniture with slipcovers and add toss pillows. Keep the theme going throughout the bunkhouse by doing this step in each room.

Remove modern furniture and incorporate wooden furniture in the cottage bunkhouse. Wooden furniture creates a cottage appearance to each room. Oak, pine or white-washed wooden furniture work well when decorating a cottage bunkhouse. To save money, you may want to purchase gently used furniture at garage sales, thrift stores or consignment shops.

And last but not least, it’s time to decorate each room with fascinating vases — for example, odd formed or colored vases. Place vases on shelving in the room.

Hang framed artwork on the walls in the bunkhouse. Framed artwork decorates each room and adds a personal touch if some of the artwork displays relatives members. Select framed artwork to complement the wallpaper border in the room. For example, in case you hung nature-themed wallpaper border, hang a variety of nature-themed artwork.

Mismatch the accessories throughout the home. Matching accessories, such as identical candle holders, do not generate a cottage appearance. In lieu use a variety of candle holders and other accessories to decorate a room.

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