Become Extremely Disciplined When You Work from Home

Become Extremely Disciplined when you work from home. It’s truly important! I can’t speak for you, or anyone else for that matter, but I can share with you that I always strive to maximize my profits and in order to do so, I must be EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED.


If my family is watching a TV show that I absolutely love, and I have work to do for a client, I will NOT post-pone my work to watch TV. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline! This is probably the hardest tip to truly accomplish because it comes from within, and as humans we are tempted.

I constantly remind myself what it would be like if I were to join the workforce outside of my home once again. I would have to apply to job-after-job, praying I get a decent job with a decent income. Then, I would have to make sure I had the proper attire to wear to work, etc.




I could forgo having a few moments of fun to get my work done ensuring that I can stay home, and make money in my pj’s with my hair sticking up if I wish!



Just the THOUGHT of having to get back into the “rat race!” keeps me disciplined. Find what your trigger is that will keep you disciplined.



Amount of Money You Need To Make


Do you have a budget? Do you know how much money you MUST make in order to survive? If you can’t answer yes to both of my questions, please stop reading  for a minute, and create a budget.


Figure out your finances, and what you MUST make from home, and then come back and we will pick up where you left off!


Say you must make at least $1,000 a month working from home; look for clients that will fulfill your need.


Once you have clients that will pay you at least $1,000 a month, why not keep looking for a few more, and get a head financially?


Why It’s Important To Show Grace Under Pressure


There may be a time during your at-home career (okay, hopefully more times than you can imagine) where you are completely swamped with clients.


You can feel the pressure to get your work done. You start freaking out. Take a deep breath!


It WILL BE OKAY. Please whatever you do, do NOT relay your stress, worry or fears to your clients. Show grace!


Smile and tell yourself that you can, and will accomplish everything you need too.


Showing grace under pressure goes a long way, and will say a lot to your client about you personally without you ever having to say one single word!


Working from home is very rewarding. I have been able to stay at home and raise my children while bringing in an income. Discipline is necessary in order to acheive success!

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