Basement Wall Colors and The Moods They Radiate

When it comes to basements, they typically are dark and lack vivid color. Depending upon the use of your basement, the color that you chose you for walls will vary. Colors radiate different moods and feelings. Perhaps your basement consists of a theater room or possibly a child’s bedroom. The color of your basement walls could affect everyone’s mood.



The color red is exciting, bold and dramatic. The color red will create a warm, romantic feeling in your basement. When choosing the color red, choose a deep color such as maroon or burgundy. These colors work best in a basement because typically basements do not have a lot of light, which would contrast with a bright red color.



White is a pure color often worn by brides in the United States. White will radiate the sense of openness and light in your basement. If your basement is on the smaller side, white will make it appear larger. You can accessorize your basement with virtually any color when your walls are painted white.



If you wish for your basement to give off the feeling of a cheerful and exciting room, paint your walls orange. Orange is a bold color that creates a friendly informal atmosphere. Typically, living room and family rooms are painted orange. If the color orange is too bold for your preference, paint one accent wall in orange.



Rooms painted yellow often give off a cheerful, happy-go-lucky feeling. Basements painted in a lighter shade of yellow are inviting. Accent pale yellow walls with greens, purples or white. A pale yellow color also doubles as creating an open airiness feeling in your basement.



Basements painted in green have a relaxing, calming feeling to them. When choosing a shade of green for your basement a lighter shade works best. If you desire a darker shade green, designate one wall as an accent wall.


Shade of blue will give your basement a cooling, tranquil feeling. Once again, try to stay away from darker shades of blue for your basement walls. Instead, paint one wall a darker shade of blue as an accent wall.



Light shades of purple are calming and uplifting to the soul. Paint your basement walls a light shade of violet or lilac. This will ensure that your basement does not become too dark and dreary.



Light shades of gray have a businesslike formal feeling to them. Gray works well in basements. The color gray provides you with ample accent color choices; for example, black, white, purple and maroon.


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