Bali Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Need Bali bedroom decorating ideas? Decorating a Balinese bedroom requires using colors present in Chinese décor. Bali bedrooms do not have lots of furniture or decorative items. The decorative items often present in a Balinese-themed bedroom are selective, & play an important role in the décor of the room. Balinese-themed bedrooms often have ample floor space, which does not inhibit walking around the room. You do not require any special skills to decorate a Balinese bedroom.

Less is more when decorating a bedroom in Balinese style. Remove all the items in the room, which lets you incorporate only Balinese-themed decorative items, & creates a neat, clutter-free room to decorate. Paint the walls in the bedroom white.

Incorporate dark wood or black furniture in the bedroom. In case you do not have dark wood or black furniture, you may require to paint your existing furniture black so that you do not must buy new pieces. Use black spray paint for the furniture, & apply it following the manufacturer’s directions.

Dress the bed in white or gold bedding. You may require to try white sheets with a gold comforter & pillow shams, or vice versa.

Decorate the bed with red or gold toss pillows. Red or gold toss pillows complement the colors of the bedding.

Incorporate a decorative water fountain. Water plays an important role in any room decorated in Balinese style.

Arrange a variety of Chinese red & jade-green vases on shelving in the bedroom. Insert dried bamboo in the vases.

Place candles around the bedroom — for example, on the dresser & on the bedside tables. Select candles with Balinese colors — Chinese red, Chinese blue, rich gold, jade green, white or black.

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