8 Exterior Log Home Decorating Ideas

When deciding how to decorate the outside of a log home, think about using nature as your blueprint. While sitting outside, take notice of the colors & materials around you. Adding plenty of brightly colored items may distract from the natural beauty of a log home, while colors & materials present in nature will compliment the log home. Decorating the outside of a log home can generate a calming, comfortable atmosphere to sit & breathe in the fresh air while enjoying a beverage or reading a book.

  • Paint the outside window trim with a paintbrush & exterior paint. Select a paint color that works well with the natural color of log homes, such as red or green. Red & green compliment a log home because they do not contrast with the brown of the logs, & they add a decorative touch to the outside of the log home.
  • Paint the back & front exterior door to the home with the same exterior paint applied to the window trim. Painting the doors to the home instantly changes the outside appearance.
  • Install flower boxes under the windowsill of the log home according to the manufacturer’s directions. Usually, flower boxes secure to a home with screws. Plant a variety of flowers in the boxes to increase the visual appeal.
  • Place a pot designed for plants on the deck, porch or front steps of the log home & fill with pine cones & other items present in nature. Terra-cotta pots work best to generate a rustic, natural decorative item; painted, shiny pots work to generate a dramatic exterior decoration.
  • Build a porch on the front of the log home if it does not have. Often, porch kits are sold at home improvement centers. Building a porch requires basic carpentry skills & following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Arrange rustic, outdoor furniture such as wrought iron or wooden furniture on the porch or front lawn of the log home. Include chairs for sitting as well as a tiny table or to hold items.
  • Place an indoor/outdoor rug on the floor of the porch or on the landing of the front steps. Indoor/outdoor rugs immediately decorate the outside of the log home & provide an item that lets you incorporate a variety of colors.
  • Decorate the lawn in front of the log cabin with a wooden wishing well or wagon & wagon wheel made from wood.
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