7 Fool-Proof Ways to Maximize YOUR Work-from-Home Profits!

I don’t know about you but when I sit down to work, I want to make as much money as I possibly can in the least amount of time. I also want to maximize my profits. Over the past 20-years I have learned how to do just that, and I will share a few tips with you in this chapter to help you maximize YOUR profits!



Learn New Skills



Learning new skills increases your chances of succeeding at home. No, you don’t have to spend a small fortune, and attend a college to learn new skills.

Hell, I currently hold a degree in Business Management with a dual concentration of both Psychology and Accounting, and I am only a few credits away from another degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Human Services (I was going to counsel troubled, or abandoned children and teens until I fell into my career online.) What did my college education get me? A LOT OF DEBT! LOL!

Rent books at your local library, watch YouTube videos, sign up for my coaching, etc. to learn new skills.




Obey the Chain Of Command



I must admit at one-time-or-another you may run into someone who is higher up the chain of command than you are. This person may not be the nicest person. You may even learn to resent this person who treats you like a ‘little peon.’ It’s okay to have those feelings, trust me!

I know all too well.

However, please remember that there is a reason someone is higher up the chain of command than you.

No matter how badly you may want to rip someone a new butt who HAPPENS TO BE your superior, please do not do it.

I can testify that I have seen this happen, and the only one in the end that ends up hurt is the person who could not keep his or her cool!

In fact, every time I have seen this happen the person who started in with a superior was ‘let go’… meaning THEY LOST THEIR JOB! This is not acceptable in any workforce be it traditional or work-at-home.



Set Limits – What Will You and Won’t You Do For Work?



The longer you work from the comfort of your home, the more you will realize just how many LEGIT, REAL work-at-home jobs there are available to you!

I am constantly sharing companies with people via my support group and of course on my blog.

You may be surprised if you apply to become a writer somewhere, and the person writes back that it is of sexual nature. Are you willing to write mature articles? Are you willing to speak on the phone with clients? Are you willing to Skype with clients?



Set Limits: What Are You Willing To Do For Income and What Are You Not?



If you do set limits for yourself, you should have no problem replying to a potential client that you are unwilling to perform THAT type of work.

Maybe you and your client can come to a different arrangement, so you can still work-at-home for said client.

DO NOT just ignore the potential client, as that is bad business practice.

You only have ONE reputation…it’s up to YOU to keep yours good!




Become Extremely Disciplined

I can’t speak for you, or anyone else for that matter, but I can share with you that I always strive to maximize my profits and in order to do so, I must be


If my family is watching a TV show that I absolutely love, and I have work to do for a client, I will NOT post-pone my work to watch TV. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline! This is probably the hardest tip to truly accomplish in this eBook

because it comes from within, and as humans we are tempted.

I constantly remind myself what it would be like if I were to join the workforce outside of my home once again.

I would have to apply to job-after-job, praying I get a decent job with a decent income. Then, I would have to make sure I had the proper attire to wear to work, etc.


I could forgo having a few moments of fun to get my work done ensuring that I can stay home and make money in my pj’s with my hair sticking up if I wish!

Just the THOUGHT of having to get back into the “rat race!” keeps me disciplined. Find what your trigger is that will keep you disciplined.




Amount of Money You Need to Make



Do you have a budget? Do you know how much money you MUST make in order to survive? If you can’t answer yes to both of my questions, please stop reading this eBook for a minute, and create a budget.

Figure out your finances, and what you MUST make from home, and then come back and we will pick up where you left off!

Welcome back if you left to figure out your budget, and if you are still reading without a break…Hi!

Okay, now that we all know what we MUST make for income working-from-home let’s do it!

Say you must make at least $1,000 a month working-from-home; look for clients that will fulfill your need. Once you have clients that will pay you at least $1,000 a month why not keep looking for a few more, and get a head financially?




Why It’s Important to Show Grace Under Pressure



There may be a time during your at-home career (okay, hopefully more times than you can imagine) where you are completely swamped with clients.

You can feel the pressure to get your work done. You start freaking out. Take a deep breath!

It WILL BE OKAY. Please whatever you do, do NOT relay your stress, worry or fears to your clients. Show grace!

Smile and tell yourself that you can and will accomplish everything you need too.

Showing grace under pressure goes a long way and will say a lot to your client about you personally without you ever having to say one single word!

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