6 Fun Football Crafts for Children

Children may not have the attention span to sit through the entire four quarters of a football game. Easy and affordable craft ideas are sure to get your children involved for the big football games and let their imaginations run wild just like your families favorite running back on game day.


  • Invitations
    • Decorate ticket themed invitations printed with the person’s name on the ticket invitation. Detail the events of the party. Most children love decorating with stickers. Decorate the envelopes with your favorite team stickers. Allow your children to pass out or send their personalized game day tickets.
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
    • Wrap empty cardboard toilet paper rolls with construction paper of your favorite team colors. Let your children draw players on a white piece of paper or print off some cartoon football players. Color the cutouts and past them onto the toilet paper roll, add a football to the player’s hands to complete your football player. For a bonus, glue one end of the toilet paper roll with white paper, fill the roll with dried beans and glue paper on the other end to close the roll. During the game, your children can shake their craft for noise.
  • Pennants
    • Use cardboard and cut a triangle shaped pennant. Glue green felt onto the pennant and decorate the felt of the pennant in your favorite team colors or player’s jersey number using fabric paint. Make mini- pennants in the same manner and glue Popsicle sticks to the pennant, personalizing the pennant for the young fans.
  • Football Hand Print Wreath
    • Trace out your children’s hands onto team colored construction paper. Trace four hands with each color and cut the hands out. Draw a football on a brown piece of construction paper. Decorate the football with the laces and white ends. Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle and glue the football into the center of the cardboard. Glue the traced out child’s hands around the football in the center of the wreath.
  • Personalized Jerseys
    • Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and use fabric paint to decorate the jerseys with a favorite player number and name on the back of the jersey. Hand the crafted jerseys out to the party guests for creating some team spirit.
  • Football Tablecloth
    • Decorate a green paper tablecloth with fabric paint to replicate a football field complete with goal posts and the end zones of the field. Apply a helmet or team logo to the center of the tablecloth and glue it in place.


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