Now that nice weather is here, many of us want our landscaping to look amazing! Amazing landscaping takes time, patience and creativity. When deciding on the ideas and design of your landscape consider how much time you spend outdoors. If you frequently hold outdoor dinner parties or drink your morning coffee outdoors, include an area designated for the areas. Amazing landscaping is functional as well as beautiful! 


amazing landscaping ideas



Designate areas throughout the landscaping to one color—for example, white. An all-white garden provides subtle beauty to your landscaping. White flowers light up the yard during the evening. Mix and match different varieties of flowers and foliage containing white. Select different areas for different colors. Possibly, you wish to line your fence in white, but want different hues of purple or yellow to adorn your deck. Select at least four areas designated to one specific color per area.



Pairing opposite colors in your landscaping excite the senses. When deciding on opposite colors to pair, look at the color wheel. Blue and bright orange flowers attract attention. When selecting opposite colored flowers, take into consideration the amount of each color for the designated area on your landscaping.



Lawns lit-up at night look amazing. You do not need to spend a fortune purchasing lights, instead of recycling used aluminum cans and glass jars. Put a small amount of sand in the container and a small candle. Hang from trees, fences or place them on pavers or stepping-stones. If using aluminum cans, make sure to poke holes in the can. The holes allow the light from the candle to shine through the can.



Create personalized stepping-stones to adorn your landscaping. Perhaps you wish to paint the stepping-stones in a theme or wish to decorate them with mosaic tiles. Let your imagination guide you when deciding on the style of your stepping-stones. Place the stepping-stones in your gardens, around the border of your lawn and anywhere you wish to create a path.



Beautiful landscapes deserve a place to sit and relish in the beauty of the landscape design. Creating seating doubles as a designated area to serve tea, coffee or snacks to friends and neighbors when visiting your home. Strategically place your seating arrangement in an area where plants or flowers are in the line of sight.



When deciding on your greenery for the landscaping, include plants and flowers that bloom at different times of the year. This ensures the landscaping constantly contains color and thrives. I personally love flowers, and color year-round! 

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