Taking the proper steps before painting your home can be a great benefit to you because it will save you time. A couple of things you should take into consideration are; what type of paint you want to paint with, such as flat paint or maybe even a gloss finished paint. They all offer different benefits, flat paint is normally used in low traffic areas, as where gloss paint is more durable and easy to clean. No matter what type you choose, a good primer may be needed first. Below are the 5 steps to preparing your home for paint! 


5 steps


Painters tape

Flat razor

Roll of plastic

Screwdriver (to remove switch plates)



Regardless of where you are going to be painting, you will want to start by covering any furniture with plastic or a canvas drop cloth. This will protect any electronics and furniture from accidental spills and drips. Next, tape along the carpet or floor against the base trim with painters tape. Painters tape can be purchased at your local hardware or department store. Once this is completed, take your roll of plastic, and tape down on to the taped floor (you can use a drop cloth, but they will tend to bunch up and create trip hazards).


Unless you are painting the trim, you will want to have painters tape.  Align the very edge of the tape to where it touches the wall (on the top edge of the trim), and tape the trim all the way around the room in this manner. Painters tape is removable, and will not harm your finish on what it is taped to. Another alternative is masking tape; it works, but not as well.


Remove any switch covers, and outlet covers that are on your walls. If there are any light fixtures, tape around the fixture base. You may or may not have ceiling molding. If you do, this will need to be tapped off. Do this as you did the base trim.


For any windows that are not to be painted use the painter’s tape, and tape along all four sides of the window trim. Make sure that the tape is not touching the wall. If you decide to paint the trim around a window, it is easier to come back after the paint has dried.  Scrape the paint off the window with a flat razor if you happen to accidentally get any paint on your window.


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