5 Simple Organizing Ideas for Small Home with a Large Family

A small home with a large family may become disorganized and cluttered quickly. Trust me, I know! Organizing a small home creates an illusion of a much larger space. Not only will your small feel and look bigger, but also it will be organized!   Below are 5 simple ideas for organizing a small home with a large family!


Wall Space


Utilize available wall space from floor to ceiling. Wall space usually is left for decorations, and often forgotten for storage and organization purposes.


Build a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Measure your whole wall along with your tape measure. Choose the distance you need to have between each self. Purchase shelf brackets and shelves in the appropriate size.


Install the shelf brackets and shelving according to the manufacturer’s directions. Organize smaller items in your home on the shelves, or dedicate shelf for each member of the family.


 Fold Up Desks


In lieu of traditional desks that consume needed floor space in a small home, purchase fold-up desks. Fold-up desks work like a traditional stand-alone desk, however, the desks fold up when not in use. Place the fold-up desks or table anywhere where you would utilize a traditional desk.



Plastic Bins


Purchase plastic bins in a variety of sizes including small, medium and large. Store out-of-season clothing in the large plastic bins, and place in a shed or utility room.


Large plastic bins stack well and will help keep your floor uncluttered.


Medium-size bins work well for food items such as cereal boxes or two-liter bottles of soda.


Smaller plastic bins work well for organizing tiny items such as color crayons, markers, pens and calculators.


Floor Space


Utilize the floor space under the beds in your small home. Beds usually take up most floor space in a room. Permit each person in a bedroom to place items under their bed. If you have children who share a bedroom, designate side of the space under the bed for each child in the room.



Pot Racks


Clear out the cabinets in your kitchen that hold your pots and pans, and use the space for other items such as food. Purchase a pan rack & install according to manufacturer directions.

 Place your pots & pans on the hooks that came along with your pan rack.





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