Look around your backyard and consider where you can incorporate storage. Your backyard holds limitless possibilities for your personal storage needs. Consider what items you lack storage for when deciding on your storage solution. If you have, numerous items to store in your backyard consider creating two or more storage solutions. This provides ample storage for all your items. 


5 easy backyard storage ideas

Storage Bench

Purchase a dual-purpose storage bench to add storage in your backyard. A storage bench provides seating for guests and stores items neatly out of sight. Perhaps you have a backyard patio for the storage bench or wish to place it on your deck. Store gardening tools, small children’s toys or other items beneath the seat of your storage bench. A storage bench also adds a lawn decoration to your landscaping.


Storage Box

Consider purchasing a storage box specifically constructed for use in the yard. Storage boxes can handle all weather conditions, and provide a designated area to store items in your backyard. Line your storage boxes alongside your shed or deck. Purchase enough storage boxes for all your storage needs. Perhaps, one storage box can store pool toys while another storage box stores landscaping items. Storage boxes also work well for storing barbecue items—for example, charcoal and lighter fluid.



Decide if your backyard would benefit from purchasing a shed for storage. Sheds contain an ample amount of room for storing a variety of items. Possibly, you have a lawn mower and it sits outside unprotected. You can purchase a storage shed already assembled or in a kit ready for you to assemble. Consider if you want to purchase a wood or metal storage shed.


Under The Deck

Consider enclosing the area under your deck and utilizing this space for storage. Purchase the lumber, screws and a hinge to create a door. Creating a door allows you to open and close the storage area under your deck. If you do not want your items stored directly under your deck, lay a tarp down before constructing your storage area.



Transform an inconspicuous area on the back wall of your home into storage. Purchase large hooks and screw them into the wall. These provide you a place to hang your storage items—for example, a garden rake.


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