Paving your backyard with pavers provides an inexpensive option compared to hiring professional to pour a cement slab. Installing pavers requires laying the pavers on the dirt. Consider the size of your pavers for each project in your backyard. Pavers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Reflect on the use of the pavers when deciding on the design for your backyard. 

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Create a patio away from your home in your backyard for entertainment or relaxation with pavers. Draw the design of your patio on graph paper, allowing you to make changes before installing and purchasing your pavers. Take into consideration the use for the patio—for example, a seating area to relax or possibly the home for your barbecue grill and entertaining guests.



Build an entrance pad to your shed in your backyard with cement pavers. Decide the length and width of the entrance pad. Constructing an entrance pad to your shed provides you a place to wipe-off your shoes and a flat surface to lay decorations in front of your shed.


Play Area

Design a designated play area in your backyard for your children. Consider the amount and types of toys when designing and constructing their play area. This provides your children a designated “play pad” all their own. Possibly, smaller toys occupy the space in the play area. Include a plastic toy box for the children to store their toys in. 


Walkway to Flowers

Create a walkway or sidewalk in your backyard with pavers. Perhaps you have a flower garden or vegetable garden but lack a paved walkway to it. Line your walkway with accessories and decorations. Containers with potted plants or small accessories that stake in the ground, work well for this. Let your imagination guide you as you create your walkway. Incorporate pavers of different colors and sizes to excite your senses as you walk to your garden.


Back Door

Assemble a backdoor patio if your landscape design does not have one. Consider what you store on the patio. Perhaps your garden hose and lawn care items, or your barbecue grill and seating chairs are stored in your backyard. If your yard contains a pool, lay baskets on your backdoor patio for guests to put their wet swimming gear in before entering your home.


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