4 Amazing and Fun Hotel Birthday Party Ideas

Holding a birthday party in a hotel permits the mess of the party to remain in the hotel. No need to clean up after your guests, as you would if you held the party in your home. Hotels provide you with limitless ideas and themes for birthday parties. Make good use of all recreational rooms the hotel as to offer. Arrive before the guests to setup the birthday party. If necessary, book one room a day before the party.


Pool Party
Throw a pool party. Most hotels have a pool and Jacuzzi for enjoyment. Tell all the guests to bring their bathing suits. In the winter months depending upon where you live; a pool birthday party breaks up the monotony of the frigid weather. When sending out invitations for the hotel birthday party, remember to include a note telling the guests to bring the necessary items for your party.


Hawaiian Theme
Plan your hotel birthday party in a Hawaiian theme. Numerous hotels come equipped with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and spa. Purchase all the necessary Hawaiian items beforehand, and have them waiting in the guests’ rooms. Greet the guests at the hotel front door by draping a Leis over their necks. Ask the hotel management if you could set up a Tiki bar around the pool containing items the hotel approves.


Spa Party
Throw a spa party at a hotel for a special person’s birthday. Purchase items to pamper the guest of honor with as well as the all guests. Ask the hotel for extra towels and robes. Some hotels have complimentary slippers as well. Book numerous rooms. Hold the spa treatment in one designated room. Tape a sign on the outside of the, door of the spa room, designating this room for spa use only. Lay out all necessary items before the guests arrive.

Hotel Cruise
Invite guests to escape to a cruise at a hotel. Send out invitations with a cruise ship theme. Assign “cabins” to each guest party. According to BirthdayPartyIdeas.com, meet the guests at the door presenting them with a lay, and take their pictures. Hand each guest the ships itinerary containing the planned events. Decorate the rooms in a cruise ship theme. Have a series of games and activities lined up for all guests. Meet at the ships main dining hall (a booked hotel room) for dinner and refreshments. You may set up a midnight snack buffet for the ships guests to enjoy before turning in for the night.

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