3 Fun Ideas to Decorate Easter Eggs

Dressing up an egg consists of more than simply dying a hard-boiled egg. Let your creativity flow when you decide how to decorate your egg. Blown-out eggshells will provide you with a decoration you can use repeatedly because they do not spoil. Take precautions when decorating a blown-out eggshell as they become fragile.


Flying Friends
Create flying friends with your children. Blowout hard-boiled eggs leaving the shell intact but empty. You will need markers, paint, fishing line, glue and tissue paper (for the wings). Paint the eggshell accordingly; for example, to create a bumblebee; stripe the eggshell yellow and black, leaving adequate room to paint on a face. Glue tissue paper wings to the top sides of the eggshell, and glue a strand of fishing line to each side of the eggshell. Tie the fishing line, and tape or hang from a ceiling. You could create a bumblebee, a bluebird, a blackbird, a butterfly and a dragonfly. Let your imagination run wild when thinking of flying friends to create with your eggshells. For added creativity, glue feathers onto the eggshells instead of tissue paper.


Create whacky and crazy family members with blown-out eggshells. Save your empty toilet paper tube rolls and use as a body (base) for the eggshell. Cut the toilet paper tube roll in half; this will allow you to create two egg statues from one empty toilet paper tube. Insert the egg into the top of the toilet paper roll, glue in place and decorate. For example, cut, color and glue arms to each side of the body (toilet paper roll). Paint a face and glue hair onto the top, back and sides of the egg. You can use cotton balls, yarn, string or any item that you desire when creating the hair. Create an egg-statue for each member of your family. Remember to decorate the toilet paper roll to resemble clothing.


Turn your blown-out eggshells into furry animals. Purchase eyes and animal-themed accessories from your local hobby store. Dye the eggshells a variety of animal colors and place in a base. The base will ensure the furry animals you create stand erect. Create your base for your animals with empty toilet paper tube rolls cut into sections. The height of the base varies upon your personal preference. Glue the eyes, ears and other features onto the egg to resemble an animal. For example, a mouse would have eyes glued on, tall ears, a nose, whiskers and a tail.




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