21st Birthday Party Games

Celebrate your 21st birthday by playing party games. In the United States, the 21st birthday represents a day that a person can legally drink alcohol. If you wish not to drink alcohol on your 21st birthday, you can still enjoy playing party games. If your party contains alcohol consumption, designate a sober driver. Here are some 21st birthday party games to consider playing.

Git’er Done

Celebrate your 21st birthday playing the game Git’er Done. Cut a piece of paper into small pieces, and write wacky and unpredictable tasks onto each small piece of paper. Place the tasks into a hat your birthday guests will draw from. Divide your guests into two teams, and designate a team leader for each team. Typically, the team leaders’ will have the loudest voice within the team. The team leader pulls the tasks for his team out of the hat. To start the game; the team leader will yell “git’er done” and when the team finishes the team leader yells “got’er done.” For example, a task would read, “Line up all players on your team from longest fingers to shortest.” The team leaders’ check, to verify, the task was in fact completed. If the task was completed, the team leader declares points and drinks. This game is entertaining with alcohol or without alcohol.


Fuzzy Duck

The game of Fuzzy Duck consists of drinking alcoholic beverages. This game sounds simple, but in fact, becomes harder the more people drink. Sit your party guests in a circle, and designate one person to start the game by saying “fuzzy duck.” The game starts when a player says “fuzzy duck” and continues play clockwise. Randomly anyone in the circle can say, “Does he?” This will change the direction of game play as well as change the saying from “fuzzy duck” to “ducky fuzz.” If a player gets it wrong or takes too long, then she must drink.


Think and Drink

This game plays similar to the Name Game. Select a leader for the game. The leader then starts the game by shouting a famous person’s name. The next player (to the right of the leader) then shouts a name of a famous person that the first name starts with first letter of the previous person’s last name. For example, the leader shouts “Steven Tyler”, the next person then shouts “Tina Fey.” If a player shouts a name that both the first name and last name start with the same letter, the play reverses. While thinking of a name, you must drink the entire time. Do not include single word names—Prince—or names that contain the word “the.” Including these will result in a forfeit.





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