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You will NEVER believe how I started working at home…It’s rather funny when I think about how I started my online career. I used to sell floppy disks via postal mail to people who answered a classified ad I placed online telling them to do the exact same thing I just did. Yep, I was “working from home!” LOL! 

Have you been looking for REAL work-from-home, and just can’t seem to find anything?


If so, then you will be glad you stopped at my site! I cannot tell you HOW-MANY-TIMES-DAILY on Facebook people tell me they have been scammed in the past. EVERY-SINGLE-TIME, my heart breaks!

When it comes to working from home, it’s what you know! How can you access your skills? Please don’t make the same mistake I have so many times, I beg you! I’m pretty sure you can figure out by the title of this blog post what I am talking about! It’s what YOU know – not necessarily WHO you know… well, sometimes, LOL! – that counts when you work-from-home.


It took me MANY years to realize the importance of this lesson. But, how do you figure out what you know?


I don’t know about you but when I sit down to work, I want to make as much money as I possibly can in the least amount of time. I also want to maximize my profits. Over the past 20-years I have learned how to do just that, and I will share a few tips with you in this chapter to help you maximize YOUR profits!

Hi! I am often asked questions when it comes to my work from home program, and services that I would like to answer for you. I hope this post helps to clear any confusion you may have. 

I feel kind of silly putting this tip on my blog; however, it must be added. I cannot count how many times over the past 20-years I have witnessed people who want to work at home have a horrible attitude, and they wonder why they failed?!?! Just like with everything in life, your attitude is important. Even if you decide that working from home isn’t for you, please remember to protect your reputation. You only have one, and it is up to you to protect it.

It is important to create, and set a schedule for yourself. Without creating, and setting a schedule you are jumping in head first, and blindfolded. Not having a schedule will confuse you, and more than likely, you will quickly find you are overwhelmed and stressed. I will provide a sample of one of my “work-at-home” schedules. I have MANY schedules depending upon what I am working on at the moment.

You’ll be amazed of how easy it is…


You do NOT need special equpiment. Jobs can be performed using a computer, cellphone, tablet and more.


NONE of the jobs I provide you with require you to pay a fee! There are NO HIDDEN COSTS!


Work the hours you want. There are NO required hours!

"Stephanie Laursen-Nolan has written a MUST HAVE guide to working from home. I LOVE THIS! There are hundreds of jobs that ANYONE can perform. LEGITIMATE OPPORTUNITIES! EVERYONE NEEDS THIS! I already have a decade of work from home experience when I stumbled across this book. Imagine my surprise when I found venues I'd never been able to find on my own. I was amazed at the multitude of jobs available. All I had to do was apply, and my income began increasing once again. Income had slowed as venues closed, but thank to what can only be described as A WORK FROM HOME BIBLE that problem has been more than solved. You get more than a list of companies, you get STEPHANIE! AND HER EXPERTS!!! They will guide you through the process! Stephanie was featured on iHeartRadio!"
Laurie Childree
Business Owner
"This absolutely will change how anyone, from beginner to veteran, will market their business. It gives you ideas to get your mind thinking about how you can become the respected authority in your niche. Love the layout of this book, it pre-frames you into knowing exactly how you need to run your business. There is so much value! Stephanie, Thank You! This is a game changer for me!"
Business Owner
"The information Stephanie gives is great. I am working for some people already and only signed up two days. I am loving this. Thank you Stephanie."
Stay at Home Mom
Maggie: “Hey guys! I am new to this group & wanted to say hi! I just purchased Stephanie’s guide yesterday! I am excited. It seems like Stephanie has really equipped us with everything we need to go out there and make money! I am a mother of 8, so staying home with my children is very important to me. I have my hands in different things, but truly like that these opportunities that Stephanie shares hers don’t require any recruiting or sales. Thank you Stephanie for putting all of your experience together for us giving us the tool to be able to go out there and make money working from home scam-free! I am truly thankful I came across your site.” Mary: “I just got hired for a job making $1,000. Granted this is for multiple articles, but from this one job I will make that much over time. The faster I work, the faster I get the money.” So for those that are looking for reassurance. Keep at it, you will get there.” Yarmo: “I want everyone to know that Stephanie is a kind hearted person. I am retired Law Enforcement do to a duty injury. I checked Stephanie out to see if she was legit, and she passed with flying colors. From testify law enforcement, there are three sides to a story. All you non-believers, Stephanie would not have been on the radio if she weren’t real and legit. If this wasn’t legit, I wouldn’t be here." Katie: “Stephanie is the real deal!” Kimberly: “Just got upgraded to webcam tester!!!!” Michelle: “Stephanie can help you make REAL MONEY! “ Amber: "The information Stephanie gives is great. I am working for some people already and only signed up two days. I am loving this. Thank you Stephanie." Robert: "Just wanted to thank you for the awesome book! I’ve already started making money. Not much yet, but amazing potential. I’ve already made my money back!" Stephen: "It’s true, got the book and am going through it. Everything she is saying in this post in there!" Grace: "I am crying right now because I am grateful! This is my favorite face!" Brittany: "From day 1 I started making money! I’ve tried many different things that claim that you can make money at home. This surpasses them all. This works! She lays out exactly what you need to do. She makes it so easy to get started the moment you are done reading!”



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